Our Story

We started Strong Tower Tradelines in 2010 to meet the need for

an AU tradeline company that was professional, reliable, and affordable

Market Leader

We are pioneering the way AU tradelines are transacted using technology and serving 700+ clients per month


We partner with 200+ cardholders to give you and your clients access to one of the largest AU inventories in the market


Parents routinely add their children on their credit cards to jumpstart the building of their credit history. Here at Strong Tower, we do the same for those who do not have access to those benefits in their networks.

By being added as an authorized user (AU) onto an established credit card, that card's flawless credit history will be reported to your credit report, giving you the credit boost you need.*

* We are not a credit repair service. We guarantee satisfactory posting of the purchased tradeline(s).


* It may take up to 24 hours for your deposit to be reflected in your escrow account

Check out our wide selection of AU tradelines at deeply discounted prices


Load your escrow account via bank deposit and notify us to confirm your deposit

Choose your desired tradeline(s) and submit application

 Check your credit report 1-2 weeks after the line's statement date to see the line!

Our Process


Established Industry Leader

We've partnered with thousands of brokers and clients to help countless individuals improve their credit

Why Us

No Risk Guarantee

If your tradeline does not post, just let us know and we'll provide a refund

Responsive Staff

Ask us anything and get a response within a business day

Low Price Guarantee

We're confident you will not be able to find prices lower than ours. If you do, we'll match it*


Our easy-to-use online inventory allows you to view our inventory in real time and purchase in real time

*Price matched at company’s discretion and due diligence

What our clients have to say

" I would like to say that Strong Tower is awesome.  Not only did they make me aware of some issues l had with my CPN's, but they also helped me resolve the issues and funded whatever it was that was needed to!!  They are an awesome company to do business with!!"

Sample Tradeline Prices


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Issuance Year:



Bank of America

Credit Limit:


Issuance Year:




Credit Limit:


Issuance Year:



Wells Fargo

Credit Limit:


Issuance Year:




Credit Limit:


Issuance Year:


# of tradelines remaining for this month: 


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